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Oh cursed is the tree Mbuya Nehanda was hanging from

The stories of the armed struggle and the transition from Rhodesia to Zimbabwe are forever spoken of with so much emotionEven for a bunch of us tagged ''born frees'' tears and feelings of pain surface when we read books of the atrocities by the Smith regime. The inhuman things that our ancestors were put through… Continue reading Oh cursed is the tree Mbuya Nehanda was hanging from

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People always die on my birthday

It was my birthday yesterday, and as I thanked God for another year added I remembered the families who lost their loved ones two years ago and still no one seems to be paying for those crimes. While they woke up and saw the Zimbabwean sun rising over the horizon and felt its warmth as… Continue reading People always die on my birthday

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“8”:The Cursed Zimbabwean Number

Just like how Friday the 13th is associated with all things bad , so is any year that ends with an "8" in Zimbabwe.I was just about to start junior school and remember close to nothing but I hear the year 1998 was somewhat similar to the year 2008. In the year 2008 I remember… Continue reading “8”:The Cursed Zimbabwean Number

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#ThisFlag #ThisZimbabwe #WeAreOne

''I'M NOT PUTTING #ThisFlag DOWN!! We have a HOPE so strong it's birthing a COURAGE so infectious #WeAreOne''- @PastorEvanLive Over the weekend, I had someone close to me ask me ''wamboona Mawarire's new video'',¬†asking me if I had seen the recent video by Zimbabwean Pastor Evan Mawarire who started with the viral #ThisFlag movement. The… Continue reading #ThisFlag #ThisZimbabwe #WeAreOne