Remembering The Victims Of August 1


Last month was a healing month and we tagged it #HealingAugust. This is a topic that I wanted to write about but certain messages from certain people when I put up a poster for the story held me back but here I am. August 1 for me is a very special day as it is … Continue reading Remembering The Victims Of August 1


“8”:The Cursed Zimbabwean Number

Just like how Friday the 13th is associated with all things bad , so is any year that ends with an "8" in Zimbabwe.I was just about to start junior school and remember close to nothing but I hear the year 1998 was somewhat similar to the year 2008. In the year 2008 I remember … Continue reading “8”:The Cursed Zimbabwean Number

#ThisFlag #ThisZimbabwe #WeAreOne

''I'M NOT PUTTING #ThisFlag DOWN!! We have a HOPE so strong it's birthing a COURAGE so infectious #WeAreOne''- @PastorEvanLive Over the weekend, I had someone close to me ask me ''wamboona Mawarire's new video'',¬†asking me if I had seen the recent video by Zimbabwean Pastor Evan Mawarire who started with the viral #ThisFlag movement. The … Continue reading #ThisFlag #ThisZimbabwe #WeAreOne