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#UntoldStories: Sex almost destroyed my life

As we continue with telling the stories of pain, heartache,loss and love here is another of a story of a young lady who was betrayed and hurt in a way she never imagined. Some say sex is overrated while some people claim it's simply heaven on earth when done right. I don't know which group… Continue reading #UntoldStories: Sex almost destroyed my life

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Untold Stories: She found her wings and flew away (2)

This is the second story of our "Untold stories" series and this is a continuation of She found her wings and flew away. It's funny how so many times when I heard of people in physical relationships or those men with men who are habitual cheats ,I would always say "so why are you still… Continue reading Untold Stories: She found her wings and flew away (2)

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Catching ‘L’s’ : Of Auditions and Interviews

The idea of interviews and auditions always makes me feel some typpa way and my nerves always get the best of me. My past interview experience makes me envy one of my friends who has never been to a single interview as all he has done is work for his parents and himself. Interviews can… Continue reading Catching ‘L’s’ : Of Auditions and Interviews

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#HealingAugust: I Am Jealous That You Are Happy Without Me

'Cause I wished you the best ofAll this world could giveAnd I told you when you left meThere's nothing to forgiveBut I always thought you'd come back, tell me all you found wasHeartbreak and miseryIt's hard for me to say, I'm jealous of the wayYou're happy without me Jealous : Labrinth In 2015 I lost… Continue reading #HealingAugust: I Am Jealous That You Are Happy Without Me

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#HealingAugust :Lessons From My Past

Every day that we are breathing we find ourselves in different situations, with a lesson learnt everytime if you choose to pay attention. My past had me in the good, the bad and the great and from it all I learnt something. From the mistakes , the stupid decisions and to getting it right sometimes,… Continue reading #HealingAugust :Lessons From My Past

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#HealingAugust :Dealing With Your Past Mistakes

If only this thing called life came with a manual then surely members of the human race would practice every day till they finally get the hang of it. This would then mean that there wouldn't be any mistakes , no wrong turns as the navigation would be right in our faces. Sadly , one… Continue reading #HealingAugust :Dealing With Your Past Mistakes

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#HealingAugust :Of Letting Go and Being Okay

The truth is unless you let go,unless you forgive the situation ,unless you realise that the situation is over, you can not move foward. If you want to fly in the sky, you need to leave the earth. If you want to move forward, you need to let go the past that drags you down.… Continue reading #HealingAugust :Of Letting Go and Being Okay

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#Healing August: Why Haven’t You Dealt With Your Past?

In life , each day is a lesson just depends how you look at it. So August is my birthday month and I have dedicated this month to HEALING. The theme for the month will be Healing August. The main focus being on dealing with things that have hurt/broken us in the past. Making each… Continue reading #Healing August: Why Haven’t You Dealt With Your Past?

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#Millenial Makhoti : The Tsonga Princess Gets Married

They say there is no formula to this equation called love just that when it's yours it will work out. From meeting on Facebook to finally getting to meet in person, becoming friends , dating and fighting and insecurities they chose that if nothing lasts forever , they would still be together till it ends.… Continue reading #Millenial Makhoti : The Tsonga Princess Gets Married