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#UntoldStories: Sex almost destroyed my life

As we continue with telling the stories of pain, heartache,loss and love here is another of a story of a young lady who was betrayed and hurt in a way she never imagined. Some say sex is overrated while some people claim it's simply heaven on earth when done right. I don't know which group… Continue reading #UntoldStories: Sex almost destroyed my life

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#HealingAugust: A List Of The People I Need To Forgive

How do you forgive someone even when they don't apologize? Truly forgiving isn’t just uttering a few words and moving on. We often hold on to the events, the past, the words long into the future. And they drag us down. “When a deep injury is done to us, we never heal until we forgive.”… Continue reading #HealingAugust: A List Of The People I Need To Forgive

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#HealingAugust :Dealing With Your Past Mistakes

If only this thing called life came with a manual then surely members of the human race would practice every day till they finally get the hang of it. This would then mean that there wouldn't be any mistakes , no wrong turns as the navigation would be right in our faces. Sadly , one… Continue reading #HealingAugust :Dealing With Your Past Mistakes

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#Healing August: Why Haven’t You Dealt With Your Past?

In life , each day is a lesson just depends how you look at it. So August is my birthday month and I have dedicated this month to HEALING. The theme for the month will be Healing August. The main focus being on dealing with things that have hurt/broken us in the past. Making each… Continue reading #Healing August: Why Haven’t You Dealt With Your Past?