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Day 5 I really need to start spoiling the body that works

Today is day 5 of the 30 THINGS YOU NEED TO CHANGE BLOGGING CHALLENGE. I missed the other four days of the challenge but I have decided to commit today and will be here till day 30. This challenge is something I really need as it also in a way is a self-introspection journey.I can… Continue reading Day 5 I really need to start spoiling the body that works

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Are boys allowed to cry?

I thought I had my fair share of the battle of living in a navy blue society while looking pretty in pink, but all I can say is for the few decades I have been on this earth, I have seen how it is tough being a man in these streets. Don't get me wrong,… Continue reading Are boys allowed to cry?

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Growing Up A Pastor’s Child

There is a straightforward, blunt, in-your-face expectation that PKs will behave “better” than our peers. We will have inherently better judgment, avoid temptations common to our age and gender, express none of our baser thoughts or feelings, and generally reflect positively on our parents and their position. Which is total nonsense. barnabas.com My Father has… Continue reading Growing Up A Pastor’s Child


The Lessons Kids Taught Me

Awwwww my goodness she/he looks so adorable and innocent".. These are some of the remarks parents get when people see their children. Being Daddy's little girl and a book worm I had so many adults around me. Sometimes  the most random things can teach us lessons we didn't think we need to know. The kids… Continue reading The Lessons Kids Taught Me

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#Millenial Makhoti : The Tsonga Princess Gets Married

They say there is no formula to this equation called love just that when it's yours it will work out. From meeting on Facebook to finally getting to meet in person, becoming friends , dating and fighting and insecurities they chose that if nothing lasts forever , they would still be together till it ends.… Continue reading #Millenial Makhoti : The Tsonga Princess Gets Married


African Waist Beads:Ornaments or Charms

Growing up in a christian family waist beads were never and I mean never a part of any conversation. As  I grew up I tried to dig and find out the significance, importance and use of the waist beads. Known as "chuma" in shona, the waist bead bears different names in different tribes. In Nigeria,… Continue reading African Waist Beads:Ornaments or Charms

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Day 11:The Curse Of The Womb:The Pain Of Childlessness

At the cry of a new born salt is being sprinkled at the wound of a barren woman The men and women of faith claim a child is a blessing from God,but say nothing about not having the blessing. All we have are stories of those who did not have kids but were later blessed… Continue reading Day 11:The Curse Of The Womb:The Pain Of Childlessness