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“8”:The Cursed Zimbabwean Number

Just like how Friday the 13th is associated with all things bad , so is any year that ends with an "8" in Zimbabwe.I was just about to start junior school and remember close to nothing but I hear the year 1998 was somewhat similar to the year 2008. In the year 2008 I remember… Continue reading “8”:The Cursed Zimbabwean Number


Day 6:African Leaders Dethroned between 2010-2018

African leaders are well known for their holding on to power tendencies. Since it's a Thursday let us throw it back a little and see the African leaders  who had their power streak stripped off them since 2010.This topic then poses the question why does Mama Africa have some of the longest serving leaders? Zimbabwe… Continue reading Day 6:African Leaders Dethroned between 2010-2018


Day 4:Born Free

uGogo has a bullet scar on her leg uKhulu died always telling the story of how he had been imprisoned uncountable times My Father still has a vivid experience of having a curfew and being in a keep where you are given rules like you are not oppressed already Amai (mother) narrates how she had… Continue reading Day 4:Born Free


Day 3:Bringing The Cows Home : How To Get An African bride

So I failed to publish  my Day 3 post because I ran out of data before I could post it. But it's better late than never ,so here's my Day 3  post and will post Day 4 later. I have seen a hundred movies whereby the guy just pops the question on one knee and… Continue reading Day 3:Bringing The Cows Home : How To Get An African bride

politics, change, life

#ThisFlag #ThisZimbabwe #WeAreOne

''I'M NOT PUTTING #ThisFlag DOWN!! We have a HOPE so strong it's birthing a COURAGE so infectious #WeAreOne''- @PastorEvanLive Over the weekend, I had someone close to me ask me ''wamboona Mawarire's new video'', asking me if I had seen the recent video by Zimbabwean Pastor Evan Mawarire who started with the viral #ThisFlag movement. The… Continue reading #ThisFlag #ThisZimbabwe #WeAreOne